Run Monkey Run

  • Help this speedy little monkey escape the evil scientists in this extraordinary running game.
  • Escape the Sinister Corporation in this no-holds-barred, monkey-jumping, banana-eating, flame-throwing, wall-crawling, rope-climbing, vine-swinging, action-packed 3D adventure.
  • Leap through the air with the greatest of ease!
  • Swing from vine to vine like you just don’t care!
  • Trounce evil gorillas that are under the spell of the Sinister Corporation!
  • Turn into Super Monkey , Metal Monkey, and Flaming Monkey and run with mad skills!
  • Collect Power Ups, Coins, Bananas, and other cool throwing stuff!
  • Run and Jump along radical rooftops, fantastic futuristic labs, volatile volcanoes, and jammin’ jungles!