About GPC Games

Galaxy Pest Control (GPC) sits at the edge of the known universe to go where no game studio has gone before. We’re adventurers, mercenaries, early adopters of free-to-play, and Unity experts on a mission to create fun universes and make amazing, memorable games!

Although GPC was founded in 2010, we have worked together since 1996. GPC has a team of talented game industry veterans delivering the next generation of games on Mobile, PC and VR.

Principles of Our Work


We are committed to bringing creativity to the table in all of our games. From interesting characters to incredible worlds and compelling art and themes. We want to build games that cause you to dream big!


We want our games to be accessible, easy to learn and hard to master. We believe the best games are the ones people can pick up and get right into!


The core of all great games is fun. Whatever platform we are working on we like to “find the fun” early on and build up the game around it.