Matt Saia

Creative Director

Matt is the Creative Director at GPC games. He’s been making games for over 18 years and enjoys every aspect of development. You can find a wealth of info on Matt at along with a host of painted miniatures and maybe even a little behind the scenes info on Feud and what’s next.

Ken Early

Lead Programmer

Ken is a Lead Programmer. Ken’s all around coding skills have helped bring many of GPC’s games to life including Feud. Not merely a coder, Ken’s own creative mind is responsible for influencing many interesting features that make our games memorable. As a dedicated gamer Ken is always ready to go the distance to make our games better and cooler.

Jamie Ottilie


Jamie is the CEO of GPC Games. In many companies the CEOs rarely play games and are only concerned with the business side of things. Jamie is and has always been an active gamer. He’s also responsible for the keeping the lights on, which is a pretty important job.

David Parker


David is an Animator. He’s been bringing impact and breathing life into the characters and inhabitants of GPC Games. He has a gunslinger’s eye for motion.

Roger Fang


Roger is a Lead programmer. Roger is skilled at both core game code and online experiences. He functions like a one-man army capable of taking on multiple challenges at once.

Denise Tomlin


Denise is an artist. Denise is skilled at environment building. One of her other gifts is being a skilled 2d artist that has created many of the more involved UI icons for our games.


UI Artist

Brian is a UI artist. Brian is skilled at working on all types of interfaces from PC to Mobile to VR. Despite his attempts to keep a secret identity we were determined to reveal the force behind our UI.